A young Eltham boy with autism has had his 20.5 inch-long hair cut for the very first time to donate it to charity.

Five-year-old Mikey Brown’s sensory needs mean he has always liked the feel of his long, blonde hair on his back and his face.

Mikey is cared for by his grandma Julie McSweeney – and around a month ago he told her he wanted to have his hair cut for the first time ever.

Julie showed her grandson a video of the Little Princess Trust, and he decided he wanted to donate his hair to the charity.

Mikey went through with the cut on Tuesday and has now got two long plaits to donate.

Grandmother-of-eight Julie told the News Shopper: “When we arrived at the salon, Mikey went a little quiet.

“His bottom lip quivered a bit and I honestly thought he would change his mind.

News Shopper:

“The lovely hairdresser put him at ease and talked him through the whole experience and he then sat very still for her.

“Mikey was smiling after the plaits were snipped and he was so proud to hold them afterwards.”

Mikey had his haircut at Strand Barber Shop in Hook when the pair went to visit one of Julie’s daughters.

Julie said: “We took him out for lunch to celebrate, and he had extra ice cream.

“He has been very over-emotional since and he said he feels different, but not sad.

“He is very happy at the amount he has raised though, and the total is still increasing.”

Mikey has so far raised more than double his initial target of £250.

News Shopper:

Julie said she is pleased that his “beautiful hair” has been put to good use.

She added: “It just means the world to me”.

Donations can still be made to Mikey's fundrasier for the Little Princess Trust here.

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