People have started boycotting a Greenwich-based restaurant named after Jack the Ripper after locals slammed the takeaway for offering a 50% discount to women.

Angry protestors have accused the south east London's 'Jack the Chipper' of "glorifying" the serial killer, with people reportedly shouting abuse through the front door after the owner put up a map showing where his female victims were murdered in the late 1800s.

Owner Recep Turhan, 52, has this morning spoken out to defend his chippy, warning that it might have to close just weeks after opening, but also insisting he had no plans to change the name.

Angry protestors have accused the takeaway of "glorifying" the serial killer, and the name has created a storm on social media.

Mr Turhan said he opened the chippy in Greenwich after experiencing success with the original shop based in the East End area of Whitechapel where the Ripper was renowned for preying on his victims, mainly female prostitutes.

News Shopper: Jack the Ripper in Greenwich, south east LondonJack the Ripper in Greenwich, south east London

After criticism online, and some people committing to boycotting the shop, Recep opted to offer women a 50% discount to women to "show respect."

The owner of the controversial chip shop was questioned by Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on This Morning on Tuesday morning.

Speaking to the hosts on the ITV show, he said: "The other shop is in Brick Lane and I don't have any kind of problems in that area.

News Shopper: Credit - ITV This MorningCredit - ITV This Morning

"I don't have any problems with customers there - we're going very well."

Recep's son Cagri Turhan, the manager of the Greenwich chip shop, added: "We don't want to change the name. We don't want to disrespect anyone.

"We've already shown our respectfulness by offering 50% discount for women just to show we're not here to be disrespectful or damaging in any sense.

"We're just here to provide good food and a good service."

Eamonn Holmes pointed out: "You may mean well but I think your reputation may take a bit of battering over that reduction to women..."

News Shopper: Credit - ITV This MorningCredit - ITV This Morning

Ruth added: "Well, some people may see that as a bit patronising but listen, that's your business and you've said that's what you're doing."

Asked if they understood that Jack the Ripper was a serial killer who victims were typically female prostitutes, and that people may think making a joke out of the name would be glamourising violence towards women, Recep said he "totally understood."

"Even I'm doing here for a respect of woman about complaining about the name and I say to him I'll give the person 50%  discount and everybody be happy."

The 52-year-old said: "I don't think we will change the name because this is the history 160 years ago. I'm using only play on words for the name and nothing else."

One person on Twitter called the name a "bad and insensitive pub" and another accused the owners of "not having a clue about Jack the Ripper" and just playing off of the publicity.

But others called it "typical brilliant British humour" and said "people need to grow up, I doubt anyone from the time is offended."