"I’m one of the hardest critics to please – a northerner who absolutely loves a chippy tea", says reporter Immy Share.

I’m pretty sure I’ve found my home from home at The Golden Chippy in Greenwich.

I moved from Leeds to London just a few weeks ago, and there’s one main thing I’ve been missing about home.

My family yes, my friends, of course - but the number one withdrawal I’m having is my weekly (or bi-weekly sometimes!) dose of a good fish and chip tea and mushy peas.

Sorry mum!

Luckily for me, Greenwich is home to TripAdvisor’s best rated fish and chip shop in London.

On the site, The Golden Chippy scores five stars for its service, and wins four and a half stars for food, value and atmosphere.

So, what better than to satisfy my cravings and desire for home-comforts than to go and check it out?

I was greeted in 62 Greenwich High Road on Thursday night with a kiss on the hand and a full glass of ice cold, blush-pink rosé wine.

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I visited at around 7pm, and the only other guests were a group of lads enjoying their pre-pub grub.

I was given the choice of where to sit out of a cosy number of indoor and outdoor seats, and after deciding to enjoy the London air outside – I was given a menu.

Or should I say a bible.

This menu had everything a chippy visitor could ever have asked or hoped for.

Haddock, cod, plaice, scampi, chicken, burgers, sauces, beans, salads, mushy peas – and of course, curry sauce.

And more.

The staff were most friendly and my order was taken with a helpful smile from owner Chris Kanizi.

He told me he would recommend ordering my fish with the skin kept on due to its “richness in Omega 3”.

Although I trust Chris knows his fish, I chose the ever-classic haddock (without skin), chips and mushy peas.

The golden battered haddock came with a side of salad, ever-green mushys and some really greasy chip-shop chips.

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And a plethora of condiments then appeared on the table, including a homemade tartare sauce.

The portion was huge, the haddock was fresh and fishy and the chips tasted just as unhealthy as I’d hoped they would - especially when lathered in Heinz Ketchup.

What’s more, it actually looked good and my Instagram DMs were full of ‘ooooh yum’ and ‘where is that?!’ when I showed my followers my food – obviously!

Chris even threw in sides of scampi, onion rings and garlic mushrooms so I really was not stuck for choice – or for food.

I ate and chatted with my friend as the noises of Greenwich High Road filled the area – and as the evening got colder, my piping-hot fish and chips were the perfect hot water bottle.

I then washed my fish and chips down with another glass of rosé.

I imagine you’re questioning my pairing of wine with fish and chips – but it made me feel like I was in an upmarket restaurant on a warm summer’s evening.

I loved it – and just as I was ready to leave, out comes Chris with a surprise dessert.

“It’s my special banana fritter” he exclaimed – and in front of me was some interestingly-shaped batter with mountains of whipped cream.

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Did I need more batter? No

Did I eat more batter? Of course I did.

The dessert was moist, decadent and was exactly what I needed after a heavy, unhealthy dinner…

All in all, it seems like TripAdvisor’s chippy reviewers aren’t mistaken because this really was one of the best I've been to.

One of them has dubbed it “a must visit place” while another said it makes “literally the best fish and chips in the world”.

I can’t say I disagree...

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