YOUNGSTERS will have to touch in' if they want to zip around on London's public transport, Mayor Ken Livingstone announced today (January 6).

His Zip Card scheme makes it compulsory for 11 to 18-year-olds to swipe their cards on the readers on buses and trams and to show their photocards on request.

It is hoped this initiative, which starts on June 1, will make it easier to crack down on anti-social behaviour.

Mayor Livingstone, said: "Free travel is a vital investment in London's future, making London accessible for thousands of families by improving young people's access to education, sport and leisure.

"Young people who want to benefit from free travel on buses and trams must make sure they have a Zip card, and they should also be aware that any youngster that abuses this privilege, for example by anti-social behaviour, will have their card taken away."

The new scheme means that young people aged 11 and over will need an Oyster photocard, which will entitle them to free bus and tram travel.

This can be applied for at Post Offices and more information is available on the Transport for London website.

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