A Lewisham singer has released an album of songs from close to home.

Artist and musician Vinnie Stergin has launched 1 Mi2, a project which features the stories of ordinary people in the community.

The singer, from Lewisham Hill, is inspired by the experiences of people living within one square mile of himself – following the method “Talk. Listen. Create.”

“I know that many of our societal problems have deep roots and are very complicated.

"Nevertheless, I want to send out a positive message and encourage people to chat and listen to each other” said Stergin.

“Turning these chats into music is my way of having fun as an artist and also preserving them. I see music, or art in general, as a shared part of our human experience, everyone can and should engage in it.

“In the media we mainly see ‘exceptional’ people doing ‘exceptional’ things but I like to involve people in the creation process and explore their everyday stories to find the exceptional bits in there.”

He is calling on artists to take the project further than one square mile in South East London to create similar patches of music across the world.

Stergin is looking for international artists to explore their immediate square miles and follow the same process.

All the songs, interviews and portrait photographs of the interviewees can be explored as an online exhibition on onesquaremile.eu.

1 Mi2 is supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum London.