England fans up and down the country are hurting after last night's nail-biting defeat to Italy at the Euro 2020 final.

One of them is Eltham man Michael Purssord, who decided to offer some light relief for those of us feeling down in the dumps with a picture of an incredibly-shaped cloud he spotted over the skies of Eltham recently.

"I initially saw that there was an unusual cloud formation. And then I kind of started to look a bit more and the more I looked the more it seemed like a dog shape," Michael told News Shopper.

"In fact, I think the dog shape only became clear after I'd taken the pics, thinking about it.

"I kind of took the photos because it looked unusual and then looking back at it on my phone I thought well that kind of looks like a dog," he added, laughing.

News Shopper: Dog seen in the clouds above Eltham. Image: Michael Purssord Dog seen in the clouds above Eltham. Image: Michael Purssord

The Eltham man said the canine-looking cumulonimbus was "absolutely" one of the most remarkable clouds he'd ever seen.

"It's not something I usually take notice of I just happened to be in my back garden pottering about. I looked up, and saw that. Obviously I was going to take a picture," he said.

Michael described how he snapped the pics back on June 25, and had been meaning to publish them for a while.

The disappointment felt in England on Monday (July 12) after defeat in the Euros final gave him the perfect reason to finally get around to doing so.

"I've been meaning to send them in but I thought well I must to do this morning because we're all pretty grumpy...It's a bit of light relief."