A Bromley girl whose response to being handed Mason Mount’s England shirt at Wembley after their win against Denmark went viral has no plans to “sell or wash it”.

Ten-year-old Belle McNally burst into tears of joy when the Chelsea midfielder picked her out of the crowd after the final whistle, as Gareth Southgate’s men progressed to the Euros final.

She even made an appearance on This Morning today, where she received a surprised message from Mount, which again had her welling up.

Belle told the BBC: "I'm going to frame it.

This moment had me 🥺 @masonmount_10 👏🏾 pic.twitter.com/tzWWlPijW6

"I don't want to sell or wash it.

“I didn't reaise until the last moment because when he walked over, he was coming in my direction, but he was looking the other way so I didn't expect it.

"When he came over and stood right in front of me, that's when I finally realised I had it in my hands and it was just crazy."

The moment, which was captured on video by an onlooker, has already racked up 100,000 views online.

Belle appeared on ITV alongside her dad Tommy, speaking to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

Tommy told the BBC: “"She's small but very mouthy and was shouting 'Mason Mount' as he was warming up and she managed to catch his eye in the warm up and he saw her flag so luckily made an impression and was hoping after the game ended, maybe she'd catch his eye and be the lucky recipient of the shirt.

"The plan worked perfectly and to be honest we're still in dreamland.

"It's just been crazy.

"Since the game, we haven't come down to earth."