As England's historic Euros semi-final with Denmark this evening draws close, football fans up and down the country are finding novel ways to support Gareth Southgate and his team.

Among them were workers with train operators Southeastern, who earlier today (Wednesday, July 7) posted an image showing the lengths they were going to show their backing for the England team.

Though not attributed to them explicitly, workers with Southeastern seemingly changed the name of a Denmark Hill station sign to read 'Denmark nil' on Wednesday, presumably in the hopes it would equate to half of the final scoreline at the conclusion of tonight's match.

One panel on the sign had also been subtly switched to the Danish flag. 

Tongue-in-cheek posts accompanying the image on Southeastern's Twitter page read:

"What do you reckon the score will be later?

"Oh, I dunno...

"England 6 - ..."

And later on in the thread: "We only aspire to be as good as the @ScotRail social team."

Underneath the post, the Southeastern team meanwhile wished lucked to the Danish national team, who have had a remarkably ensemble tournament after their talisman playmaker Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest during their opening game against Finland and had to be resuscitated by paramedics on the pitch.

"Best of luck to the fantastic Danish team," one further Twitter posted read.