The traumatised owner of a blind Jack Russell mauled to death by a pack of dogs in Norwood Park fears a child may be harmed next.

Sonia Faleiro’s 15-year-old pet Zoey was attacked by three “enormous, muscular” dogs, described as Pitbull Terriers, while her family enjoyed a picnic on Monday evening (June 7).

Her husband managed to fight off the vicious trio, sustaining injuries in the process, but Zoey, whose ear was left “hanging off by a thread”, later succumbed to her injuries.

Mrs Faleiro, a 42-year-old writer, said: “There is a palpable fear in the community that next time it could be a child.

“It’s a natural progression for animals to move onto another target.

“They even approached my four-year-old daughter, who luckily was able to hide behind me.

“This attack left my beloved dog dead and my husband injured.

“I have been treated for trauma and am currently under medical supervision."

Zoey was 15-years-old

Zoey was 15 years old

Zoey had been with the family since she was two months old.

Originally born in India, she followed them in their travels, living in the US for several years before settling in London “to live out her golden years.”

“She was the best dog, obsessed with her ball but very sweet natured,” Mrs Faleiro added.

After prizing Zoey away from the three dogs, Ms Faleiro’s husband ran to the vet, while she turned her attention to the three owners.

At this stage they had leashed the dogs, but offered no apology, even blaming Mrs Faleiro for being in the park at the same time as them.

After calling the police, Ms Faleiro pursued the fleeing group, who she believes are responsible for multiple local attacks, until she lost their trail in a nearby estate.

“These people are in our midst,” she said.

“Every time they are involved in an attack in one park, they move to another.

“Time of the essence. It’s no longer about Zoey, it’s about kids and other dogs.”

Mrs Faleiro has started a petition, which has already been signed by nearly 1,500 people, calling for the owners to be identified and for the dogs to be removed from their care.

A spokesperson for the police said: “Police were called at 17:33hrs on Monday, 7 June to Norwood Park SE27 after a woman reported that her dog had been attacked by two other dogs.

“The dogs were then allegedly placed on leads by a man who left the scene with a woman and two children.

“The woman's dog later died.

“There have been no arrests at this time. Enquiries continue.”

If you have information, contact police referencing CAD # 6024/07JUN21.