Almost half a million Covid-19 vaccines were booked on Tuesday morning (June 8) alone after the government offered the coronavirus jabs to over 25s.

Scenes of hundreds of young people queuing for their first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine in south London circulated online Monday and Tuesday as the government described a surge in demand for appointments on their Covid vaccination booking website.

NHS chief executive Sir Simon Stevens said: "This encouraging Glastonbury-style rush for appointments has already now seen hundreds of thousands of people between 25 and 29 book in for their NHS Covid jabs, as more vaccine supplies continue to come on line.

"Pleasingly this suggests strong enthusiasm for vaccination amongst people in their 20s, following hard on the heels of the millions of others who’ve already taken up our offer."

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The surge in demand from the youngest group of people yet offered the vaccine en masse in the UK stood in direct contradiction to at least one 'senior' source from the Conservative government who was quoted as saying that younger people in the UK were expected to be a "particularly hesitant group" when it came to Covid vaccinations.

NHS England’s primary care medical director Dr Nikki Kanani meanwhile described the response after over 25s were offered the vaccine as "great":

"It’s great that young people are so keen to get vaccinated as this remains our best defence against Covid, and so we would urge anyone receiving an invitation today, or this week, to book in and get protected," she said.

The impressive NHS roll-out of Covid vaccinations for more and more UK residents continues as new infections were reported to be rising in many parts of the UK, including almost all London boroughs.