A man who lured a woman to his home in Peckham and then raped her has been jailed.

Abiodun Adeagbo, 33, was sentenced to 36 months' imprisonment for rape on Friday, June 4.

The Metropolitan Police described the case, which stretched over five years, as "deeply upsetting and traumatising" after publishing further details about what happened on Sunday.

The court heard that in July 2015, the victim had arranged to meet up with Adeagbo, who she knew as Marvin. She travelled to London to meet him at Victoria by coach.

Adeagbo told her they were going to go to the cinema but when they met he said he had forgotten his cinema card and they needed to go to his home in Peckham to pick it up.

She was taken to his flat where he suggested going to his bedroom to eat.

"Once in the room, Adeagbo started to kiss her. He moved her against the wall and touched her sexually, attempting to undo her trousers.

"She tried to stop him, visibly distressed by the situation, but he carried on.

"He then raped the victim before getting up and leaving the room," a Met Police spokesperson described.

The case was launched after the victim came forward in January 2016. Adeagbo was arrested later that month.

He was eventually charged in 2019 after a "complex" investigation.

He pleaded not guilty at the start of his trial in April of this year but was subsequently found guilty.

"The sentencing today is the result of a complex and lengthy investigation spanning a number of years," Detective Constable Benedict Harrington, of the South East Command Unit, said on Friday.

"I hope this shows that justice can be brought no matter the time that has passed and that victims should always feel able to speak up and come forwards to us.

"I hope the verdict brings the victim some closure after what has been a deeply upsetting and traumatising experience.

"She has stayed strong and supported the investigation and I commend her courage and bravery.

"The Met is absolutely committed to bringing justice to victims of sexual assault, and to making women and girls feel safe in London.

"Our teams stop at nothing to investigate reports of sexual offences and to provide support to victims."