Repeated disruptive gatherings and anti-social behaviour has led to police issuing a house in Dartford with a closure order.

Kent Police said they had been called to the property, on William Mundy Way in north Kent, 33 times since March 2021.

Reasons included excess noise, members of the public being harrassed and more, all related to antisocial behaviour.

Officers were regularly dispersing groups from the flat over what was a period of lockdown.

But as the house was primarily rented for weekends, the individuals involved were often different groups on each occassion.

The continual issues, coupled with breaches of Coronavirus regulations, led to officers in Kent Police’s Dartford Community Safety Unit applying for a closure order at Sevenoaks Magistrates’ Court on Friday 28 May 2021.

The application was successful and the order makes it an offence for anyone, aside from the landlord or an approved contractor, to attend the property.

The order will remain in place for three months and anyone found in breach of it risks arrest.

Police Constable Tony Quilter, the officer who made the application, said: "The people visiting this address demonstrated a brazen disregard for public safety and the wishes of the surrounding community.

"Despite repeated attempts to engage with them, they refused to change their behaviour.

"We have no tolerance for antisocial behaviour and will always work with our partners to take the most robust, but proportionate, course of action. This approach has ultimately led to us making the successful application to the courts.

"I would encourage anyone affected by similar issues to make a report to us so we can assess the circumstances and take the necessary action."