An incident involving a Sikh boy's hair being cut whilst at school in Abbey Wood was the result of the "inappropriate behaviour of five-year-olds" and was in no way racially motivated, an investigation has ruled.

There was initial outrage from the local and UK-wide Sikh community earlier this week after it emerged that a five-year-old boy had his hair cut with scissors by other pupils at Alexandra McLeod Primary School.

The boy's parents said his hair had never before been cut for religious reasons, and that they and their son were "deeply hurt" by what had happened.



An investigation was held into the incident on May 21 involving the school, the parents involved, Met Police and members of the Sikh community, and a joint-verdict has now been agreed upon.

A statement from the primary school said all parties had now concluded that there was no evidence the incident was racially motivated, and whilst "regretful," no hate crime had been committed.

On social media, the Sikh Press Association thanked those who had spoken out and pressed for immediate action, but confirmed that the incident was "the result of inappropriate behaviour that can be expected of five-year-old children."

"There was no malicious anti-Sikh sentiment or racial motivation behind the incident -We are hopeful the matter is now resolved."

In an earlier statement, the boy's parents had said he was "really upset and sacred to go back to school," adding that they thought the incident was "unacceptable bullying."

Others condemned the 'assault' on social media, with the Sikh UK Federation calling it "totally unacceptable and devastating for a Sikh boy to have his sacred unshorn hair cut."



But an official statement from the school, signed by headteacher Mr Mustafa, acknowledged that on May 21, an incident had occurred at the school where a Sikh child's hair was partially cut.

This occurred in a Reception class whilst the children were involved in art activities involving scissors.

"After conducting a thorough investigation and liaising closely with the Metropolitan Police, all the families involved, Gurdwara Sahib Woolwich, South London Sikh Youth organisation and a legal representative from the local authority, we have all concluded that there is no evidence the incident was racially motivated or that a hate crime had been committed.

The school added: "We regret that this incident occurred and recognise that five-year-old children will make mistakes as part of their learning and we will work together to avoid such incidents in the future."

The school's statement added on that at Alexander McLeod, "we pride ourselves on our culturally diverse community and curriculum" which is "rich with opportunities to learn about people from various backgrounds and beliefs."

Mr Mustafa said it was common practice for Reception classrooms to have access to creative resources such as scissors, and added that they had been "overwhelmed" by messages of support.