A number of new CCTV 'enforcement cameras' are being rolled out across the borough of Greenwich to try reduce congestion and illegal driving.

A total of 19 new CCTV cameras are to be set up in June 2021 after the introduction of CCTV cameras previously proved "extremely successful."

Greenwich Council say they are to enforce a number of traffic contraventions such as driving in bus lanes and ignoring one-way streets, overall working to reduce congestion and increase road safety.

Warning notices will be issued in the new locations, listed below, for a two week trial period, after which enforcement will begin and penalty charge notices (PCNs) will start to be issued, meaning drivers will be fined.

The cameras will enforce a number of moving traffic violations

The cameras will enforce a number of moving traffic violations

Greenwich Council's Cllr Jackie Smith, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Enforcement, said the introduction of CCTV cameras in the borough "has been extremely successful and that’s why we’re rolling them out in more locations.

"Enforcing traffic contraventions in this way improves road safety and congestion and encourages safer driving, which all helps to reduce the likelihood of accidents happening.

“Making illegal turns and ignoring no entry signs can have serious consequences for pedestrians and other motorists, while stopping in yellow box junctions impacts journey times which can lead to congestion, delays and poor air quality.”

Included in the types of contraventions CCTV cameras enforce are:

  • Driving in bus lanes
  • Stopping in yellow box junctions
  • Ignoring banned turns and no-entry signs
  • Driving the wrong way down a one-way street
  • Plus a number of parking offences, such as illegal parking at bus stops

Full list here.

Greenwich Council have announced 19 new CCTV camera locations

Greenwich Council have announced 19 new CCTV camera locations

The south east London council say these offences are problematic as parking at bus stops means busses cannot get close enough to the kerb to allow people with mobility issues to get on the bus.

Research shows that CCTV enforcement in bus lanes reduces the number of people using bus lanes illegally and improves bus running times and journey reliability.

Moving traffic offences were previously enforced by the police and transferring this responsibility to the Council will enable the police to focus more resources on combatting and reducing crime in the borough, the local authority added.

New locations

  • Peartree Way/A012 Blackwall Tunnel southern approach
  • Plumstead Common Road/Bloomfield Road
  • Plumstead High Street junction with Bannockburn Road
  • Eltham High Street (Adjacent St John the Baptist Church)
  • Plumstead Common Road junction with Burrage Road
  • Tunnel Avenue (North Morden Wharf Road)
  • Alnwick Road/Mottingham Lane
  • Wricklemarsh Road/Rochester Way
  • Thomas Street junction with Wellington Street
  • Greenwich-Blackwall Lane/Telcon Way
  • MacBean Street at junction with Beresford Street
  • Plumstead Road - eastern bus lane
  • Blackwall Lane junction with Salutation Road
  • Plumstead High Street junction with Garribaldi Street
  • Peartree Way junction A1020/A102
  • Westcombe Hill junction with Vanbrugh Park Road
  • Pettman Crescent junction with Nathan Way
  • Rochester Way junction with Crookston Road
  • Burrage Road junction with Spray Street