A Bromley teacher has shared her experience of teaching during the pandemic at a national education event.

Sam Shallcross, Head of Computing at Bromley High Junior School GDST, was asked to speak at Discovery Education’s Learning for Now — a special online event which explored how teachers can deliver an enriched curriculum that gives children the skills they need for life.

Over 100 teachers from across the UK signed up for the virtual event on May 23, which showed how schools can balance traditional academic learning with subjects such as art, music, cookery and sport.

Sam Shallcross shared how Bromley High Junior School delivered an enriched curriculum online during lockdown and explained why this is more important than ever.

“An enriched curriculum is vital for children because it prepares them for the future, builds their resilience and allows them to have fun”, said Sam.

“At Bromley High Junior School GDST, we continued to teach subjects such as music, art and cookery online during lockdown.

"It really boosted the children’s independent learning and wellbeing.”

As well as taking part in daily live lessons in maths, English and science, pupils enjoyed fun extra-curricular activities including a virtual art gallery, community choir and weekly live cookery lessons.

Teachers also arranged outdoor science lessons to help children get closer to nature.

Bromley High Junior School GDST delivered many of its virtual lockdown lessons using digital resources from Discovery Education Espresso – an award-winning platform for primary schools. Back in the classroom, pupils use Espresso every day and Sam Shallcross says that their digital skills are coming on leaps and bounds.

Sam added: “Our pupils’ digital literacy has really accelerated during the pandemic. Their confidence in using technology has grown because they’ve been using it every day. Their experience of virtual learning was a positive one. They learned how to work independently and to collaborate with their peers.”

Looking to the future, Sam says that the experience of teaching during the pandemic has shown her the importance of letting pupils enjoy a wide range of subjects.

“At Bromley High Junior School GDST our focus is on preparing pupils for a bright future. An enriched curriculum gives children the skills they need for life. It also broadens their horizons, which during the pandemic is more important than ever.”

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