There has been outrage after a Sikh boy aged five has had his sacred hair cut with scissors whilst at school in Abbey Wood.

The child, who is in reception at Alexandra Mcleod School in Abbey Wood, has never had his hair cut for religious reasons, leaving him traumatised.

The child's parents are reportedly "deeply hurt" by the incident, which saw other pupils allegedly use scissors to cut chunks for his hair on Friday, May 21.



The Abbey Wood school has said it was aware and working to resolve the matter, but the incident has been met with wide-spread condemnation by the Sikh and local community.

One of the five-year-old's parents later shared a post on social media stating that "we as parents are deeply hurt by this incident."

"My son is only five years old, a Sikh boy and I have never cut his hair, but someone in school today cut his hair with scissors.

"My boy is really upset and saying I'm not going to school now, and we're really scared to send him back.

"I don't understand where a reception pupil can get a scissors and it's shameful. It's bullying which should not be accepted."

The Sikh Federation UK said it was "totally unacceptable and devastating" for the child's "sacred unshorn hair" to be cut by another pupil.

People on social media expressed support with the pupil's parents, calling it "assault" and urging authorities to step in and "nip it in the bud."

Alexandra McLeod Primary School in Abbey Wood

Alexandra McLeod Primary School in Abbey Wood

Another person posted on social media calling the incident "absolutely disgraceful," whilst others were quick to criticise the school for a lack of supervision.

Alexandra McLeod Primary School have since shared a statement revealing they had held a meeting with parents, members of the local Sikh community and South London Sikh Youth.

After receiving a flurry of messages from the public, a spokesperson said: "An incident was reported late Friday afternoon after the children and most of the staff had left.

A meeting had already been arranged with the parents of the child - Please trust that the matter will be investigated thoroughly and fairly."

The school later added: "I am pleased that we have been able to resolve the matter. I look forward to welcoming you back to our school soon."

South London Sikh Youth also shared a post saying they had held a "constructive first meeting" with the school's Head and Greenwich Council's legal representative.

"The incident will be fully investigated and the next meeting is arranged for Thursday. We are assured actions will be taken to support the child and his family and to prevent similar incident in the future."