Robbers who impersonated police officers to enter a woman's flat before threatening her with a knife have been jailed for a combined 12 years.

Charlie Spenceley and Alfie Riggs targeted multiple homes in Gravesend, using deception to enter their victims' homes and then threatening them with extreme violence.

They were described as "exceptionally callous offenders" by by Kent Police's Crime Squad, who said they were pleased by the substantial custodial sentence imposed on them.

Spenceley, (pictured) 29, and Riggs, (no picture available) 27, deceived their way into the victim’s Gravesend home during the early hours of January 21, 2021 and went on to commit a similar offence within 10 minutes of leaving the scene.

The pair used an intercom to request access to a block of flats in Snelling Avenue at around 2.45am. In order to gain entry, they told a resident they were the police.

Snelling Avenue, Gravesend

Snelling Avenue, Gravesend

Upon being let inside, they knocked on the door of a flat and told the occupant they were the police and needed to be let in.

Once the door was open, Spenceley produced a knife and immediately threatened a woman with the weapon.

Riggs then searched the property before Spenceley punched the woman in the face after he was told she had no money to hand over.

Both men then left the address and walked to a block of flats in Napier Road to target a second home.

The victim of this offence was known to Riggs and allowed the offenders inside after they repeatedly used an intercom to get his attention.

Spenceley then threatened him with a knife and a quantity of cash was handed over.

Both men were arrested in connection with the robberies later that day and have been held on remand since.

Detective Constable Dan Bister, from Kent Police’s Chief Constable’s Crime Squad, said: "Spenceley and Riggs have shown themselves to be exceptionally callous offenders who are prepared to target victims in their own homes and threaten them with extreme violence.

"They present a clear and obvious threat to public safety and I am pleased that our investigation has led to substantial custodial sentences being imposed."

Spenceley, 29, of James Street, Rochester, admitted robbery, attempted robbery and possessing a bladed article in a public place. He was sentenced to six years.

Riggs, 27, of Limetree Close, Chatham, admitted robbery and attempted robbery. He was sentenced to six years.