A number of mysterious flying objects have been seen flying above the Sidcup skyline, prompting debate on what they actually are.

A Welling-based family managed to capture them floating in south east London, spread out across the skyline.

The incident took place at around 6:42pm on Monday, May 17, with the objects captured in the Sidcup area.

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The video was posted to Youtube, describing the objects as 'black donut UFOs'.

The poster said they were "moving in a very strange fashion, slowly spinning at times then stopping and hovering."

"It definitely looked to be under some form of control rather than just balloons blowing in the wind."

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They added: "They looked black, donut shaped with a hole or white light in the centre."

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Drones do seem to be the most likely possibility, although the person who captured the objects said he wasn't sure because of the way they moved and flipped upside down, and because they are allegedly too high.

Suggestions have so far included helium balloons, although the objects are possibly too big, lanterns, although it was pointed out that they are black, and of course UFOs.

You never know, 'UFO sightings' have been reported in the region before.

'I just looked up and it was there' - UFOs spotted over Swanley and Bexleyheath

September 2004: Dorothy Godfrey, of North Road, Belvedere, saw three UFOs hovering above her bungalow.

September 2004: Donna Taylor and her mother, Diane, saw a UFO from their sitting room in King Harold's Way.

April 2010: Deborah Perry spotted up to 30 "flying craft" in the night sky above her home in Barnehurst.