Police in Bexley say they have "put a stop" to a long string of criminal damage on cars after two males were arrested and charged this week.

The pair allegedly went on a streak of violent episodes, damaging cars overnight in the Bexleyheath area.

But after repeat attacks, local residents started tracking the suspects, and after capturing a silver Citroen driving around suspiciously, police were brought in and they managed to stop the car and arrest its owners.

William Parish, 21, and Liam Reynolds, 18, have now been charged with a combined total of 21 counts of criminal damage.

Bexley Police said no further criminal damage has been reported since, and they say the arrest of Parish and Reynolds has "put a stop to damage being committed in the Bexleyheath area, which has been causing financial loss and inconvenience to the residents of the borough."

Two men have been arrested and charged over the investigation.

Two men have been arrested and charged over the investigation.

The local Met Police force said that between December 1, 2020, and January 6, 2021, police received multiple reports of victims discovering their cars had been criminally damaged overnight.

In one case, a resident repaired the damage caused to their vehicle, only for it to be damaged again a few days later.

But local residents, communicating on the Bexleyheath News and Gossip Facebook Page, got to work and managed to capture images of the suspects' vehicle operating in the area.

Images showed a small silver Citroen C1, and the Facebook post suggested the Citroen was involved in damaging the vehicles.

Members of the public then got in touch with Crimestoppers, identifying the suspect as William Parish.

At 1:30am on January 10th, the Citroen was stopped by police driving in Welling. William Parish was identified as the driver of the vehicle at the time it was stopped and was subsequently arrested.

In custody, a mobile phone was seized from Parish and upon review, video footage was found showing video clips of the passenger of a vehicle filming the driver committing acts of criminal damage smashing vehicle windows with a small metal object.

During the course of the investigation, a second suspect Reynolds was identified and was subsequently interviewed and arrested.

Parish has been charged with 14 counts of criminal damage and of possessing a weapon with intent to cause damage.

Reynolds, 18, has been charged with seven counts of criminal damage.

Both suspects have been bailed to attend Bromley Magistrates court on the June 4, 2021.