New data shows the London boroughs hardest hit by dog theft.

Over 1,400 dogs have been reported stolen across the capital in the last five years, with Croydon, Lewisham and Bromley among the areas worst affected.

New research from price comparison website analysed Freedom of Information data on the number of dog thefts people have reported since 2016, as well as which types of dog were most commonly stolen.

News Shopper: Over 1,400 dog thefts have been reported in London since 2016Over 1,400 dog thefts have been reported in London since 2016

Croydon was the borough that saw the most dog thefts within this period, totalling 71 out of the 1,409 reports. 

This was followed by Lewisham in second (67) and Bromley in third place (64).

South West London fared slightly better, with lower numbers of dog theft recorded in the five year period. 

Areas with the lowest reports included Richmond Upon Thames (24), Merton (23) and Kingston (16).

Sutton came away lightest, with just 16 incidents reported since 2016.

A full breakdown of all 32 boroughs analysed can be seen below.

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As for the breeds of dogs stolen, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Chihuahuas and French Bulldogs were prime targets. 

There were 367 thefts of Staffordshire Bull Terriers, accounting for 19.4% of dog thefts over the last five years.