Chart-topper Craig David was spotted filming a music video alongside TV’s comedy pirate radio crew Kurupt FM in Crystal Palace.

The British singer has collaborated with the cast from the BBC hit People Just Do Nothing on a new single called ‘Summertime’.

They were spotted filming on location in Crystal Palace Park this weekend, partying in front of a huge sound system.

Craig David rose to fame in the early 2000s, performing vocals on a string of garage-themed hits, including Artful Dodger’s ‘Re-Rewind’ and his solo effort ‘7 days’.

People Just Do Nothing follows a fictional crew of pirate radio enthusiasts, as they fail in various ways to realise their dreams of fame.

Kurupt FM’s MC Grindah told the NME: “This is the collaboration that summer 2021 needed and it was only right that we stepped up and provided the vibes. You’re welcome.”

Craig David said: “Not only are Kurupt FM living legends, but they will continue to be so for generations to come! Such great guys!

“I loved working with them and felt inspired in the studio as they really do live for Garage Music!”