A mum is offering children refuge in her cafe should they feel threatened following a spree of attempted abductions in Beckenham.

Police are investigating four separate reports of children being followed in Bromley, including two incidents within minutes of each other on April 30 in Beckenham.

Hayley Bagırtkan, 37, who runs the Sunrise Cafe in Elmers End, says she was “particularly disturbed” as her 10-year-old son plays in the same area.

News Shopper: Hayley with her husband outside their cafe

She said: “I was in utter disbelief that someone could be so brazen to attempt this in such a busy area at a sociable time.

“It was a relief that the child acted and ran for help and received it, as it could have been so different."

Elmers Bazaar, a nearby supermarket, has followed Hayley’s example, offering the same assistance on social media.

“We as a community want to show the culprits that we won’t stand for this," Hayley said.

"I always tell my son if he is ever in trouble or needs help to go into the nearest shop and ask to call me or police.

“So, I extended the idea to the community’s children also.”

The café is minutes away from where the two attempted abductions took place on April 30.

An 8-year-old boy was approached by an unknown man at around 4.30pm in the wooded area of Kelsey Park on Friday, April 30.

According to reports, the man told the Clare House Primary School pupil to go with him, before fleeing after the boy shouted to a friend.

Two hooded men on foot and another in a car then reportedly stalked an 11-year-old, before chasing him into nearby Croydon Road Recreation Ground at around 4.40pm.

The men disappeared when the boy sought help from two teenagers.

Police said they are increasing their "visible presence" throughout the borough following the series of reports.

The most recent incident happened at The Glades shopping centre, on Friday (May 7), when two men were said to have been walking behind a small girl, with one seemingly going to grab her hand - which was raised in the air – before walking off.

Police said that they did not believe the reports were linked.

Nevertheless, they said they had increased their "visible presence" in Bromley after acknowledging that their initial reaction had not been sufficient.