Developers behind the UK's £5bn answer to Disneyland, The London Resort, have been given an abnormal four-month delay to prepare for a government review after the was given protected status as a wildlife haven.

One of Europe's most ambitious theme park projects ever, the resort is planned to be built across 535 acres of the Swanscombe Marshes between Dartford and Gravesend, opening its doors in 2024.

But the plans have come under fire from environmentalists due to the marshes' "rich diversity of wildlife", including the presence of a critically endangered jumping spider.

And following a campaign, the marshes were declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest by Natural England, making it harder for development plans to pass through.

In response, the CEO of the London Resort Holdings Ltd, PY Gerbeau, tweeted out last month revealing they were asking for a delay.

“Working with the Planning Inspectorate, we have requested further time to prepare for the formal enquiry later this summer,” said Gerbeau.

The London Resort

The London Resort

“It is absolutely fundamental for us to be leaders in sustainability, and we want to take time to review and ensure the project's 'gold standard' case for sustainability."

And this delay as now been granted by the Planning Inspectorate in light of the SSSI notification, confirmed by a written submission published on its planning portal.

The Planning Inspectorate added that it would "not normally agree to postpone the start of an examination for longer than three months" and is longer than "normally expected," the delay is justified to ensure a "fair process."

Gerbeau continued: "We’ve already committed to spending around £150m on remediation, habitat enhancement and providing around 8 miles of footpaths and public rights of way."

The London Resort

The London Resort

"Since Natural England designated the area a SSSI earlier this year – it is right and proper that we take a short extension to revise our reports and ensure they address the issues raised.

"We are on track to create a beacon of world class entertainment and experiences within a world leading sustainable environment.

Also last month, the developers revealed a host of new details and pictures of the resort's dinosaur-themed land, Base Camp.

The London Resorts Base Camp

The London Resort's Base Camp

New renderings and plans reveal what will be one of Europe's fastest rollercoasters, the Quetzalcoatus, plus a multi-media live stage experience and more attractions, should the project go ahead.