The Mayor of Bromley, the Georgian Ambassador and school children came together to plant trees at the UK’s only organic Christmas tree farm.

Georgian Trees have had a large impact on British society. First introduced in in the 1850’s, they have been in high demand since the 1990’s

The Bromley-based company Magic of Foresters are the first registered organic Nordmann Fir grower in the UK.

Magic of Foresters Owner Julian Hitch said: “The trees teach us a lot about our ourselves.

"They teach us the importance of patience, the understanding of the harmony of the whole ecosystem and how fundamental nature is to our own well-being.

"Trees are the lungs of our planet. Without trees we simply wouldn’t be able to exist.

"It’s so important to see children engaged with looking after the not just their future, but the future of generations to come’

"With so many vital in-person opportunities being cancelled at the moment, we are delighted to be able to offer a safe experience for these children to plant trees for the future.

"And, there really couldn’t be a more important time for students to spend time in the great outdoors. Trees are shown to boost immune systems and help with a whole range of disorders from stress to ADHD."

Magic of Foresters is an Organic Christmas Tree Farm in the south of Bromley, family-run tree nursery since the 1960’s.

It featured on Channel 5’s programme: ‘Incredible Trees and How to Decorate them’.

Magic of Foresters is the first Christmas Tree grower in the UK to have its land certified organic by the Soil Association.

You can view their website here