Police in Bexley have arrested a man linked to the thefts of high value cars worth over £400,000 after forcing him to the side of the A2 and finding his car stacked with items used for theft.

The local police force described it as a "briliant" arrest, carried out on Monday, May 3. 

The suspect linked to an organised crime group which police believe have been conducting "high value motor vehicle crime" was located following a number plate ping on Violent Task Force patrols.

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Police started following him along the A2 and called for traffic assistance before a reinforced stop was carried out at the M25 junction.

Immediately the man was found with a signal jammer device, two sets of number plate, tape, gloves and tools.

After searching the car, officers then found a whole host of items, including seven burner phones, fishing rod hooks, magnets, pipe cutters, a jack, and more tools linked to the theft of cars.

Police now believe he was involved in the theft of high value motor vehicles and possible cats too.

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In addition, the Bexley officers found documents for legal aid fighting an extradition order to Germany.

Police discovered he is wanted in the country in coonection with charges linking him to over £400,000 worth of vehicle crime offences.

Bexley Police lightly added that officers started at 4pm and did not finish until 5:30am working the case.

The operation was carried out by the Met's Longlands, Sidcup and St Marys and James SNT.