Lewisham East MP Janet Daby has spoken out at bullying in parliament as she continues to await the outcome of a racism and sexism complaint she made over three years ago.

The Labour MP made the complaint in relation to an alleged incident that happened in Parliament in 2018, soon after she was elected in a by-election in June that year, as reported by the BBC.

"I myself have had a completely demoralising encounter when I was relatively new to this house," Daby said during a debate on parliament's Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme (ICGS).

"I was made to feel as though I did not belong here, and I feel this was because of my gender as well as my ethnicity," she added.

The debate was being held amid proposals for rules changes regarding reporting complaints to the Parliamentary Authorities.

Following allegations of bullying in parliament, the ICGS was set up, but has since received criticism for its operational processes.

"From cleaning staff right to MPs and peers, we can be made to feel unwelcome in the very place we work in," Daby said in her contribution to the debate.

A spokesperson for the Houses of Parliament told the BBC "this is not something we can comment on", adding that Daby's complaint was not being handled as an ICGS case, but handled instead "under a separate internal process".