Grant Shapps has accused London Mayor Sadiq Khan of “tyranny” over his “border tax” plans for motorists driving into London.

The Transport Secretary told MPs the proposals pose a “threat” to commuters who could find themselves paying up to £5.50 to enter Bromley and Bexley.

Mr Shapps added that through the “taxation”, Mr Khan is forcing non-Londoners to pay for his “financial mismanagement”.

News Shopper:

But a spokesman for the mayor said Mr Shapps should focus on funding Transport for London (TfL) properly “rather than spouting baseless political attacks in the House of Commons”.

The Greater London Boundary Charge would levy a fee of £3.50 a day on motorists driving into the capital between 6am to 7pm each day from October 2023.

This charge would rise to £5.50 for drivers of more polluting vehicles.

Speaking during transport departmental questions, Conservative Sir David Evennett (Bexleyheath and Crayford) told the Commons the move would have “severe, detrimental effects” for his constituents.

Sir David said: “Would (Mr Shapps) agree that the proposed charge is a result of the London Labour mayor’s poor financial management and that this reckless charge would have severe, detrimental effects on businesses, employees, families, shoppers and visitors in outer London boroughs like mine of Bexley?”

The Transport Secretary replied: “(Sir David) is absolutely right to highlight the threat. I wonder whether everybody realises that the Mayor of London would like to introduce this border tax so that non-Londoners end up having to pay for his financial mismanagement of London.

“It is not on, it is called taxation without representation and as our American cousins used to point out – that is tyranny.”

A spokesperson for the Mayor of London said: “This is nonsense from the Transport Secretary, who knows full well TfL’s financial difficulties have been caused solely by the pandemic.

“Before Covid-19 hit, Sadiq had reduced TfL’s operating deficit by 71% and increased cash reserves to over £2 billion.

“Rather than spouting baseless political attacks in the House of Commons, the Transport Secretary should pledge to fund TfL properly and give back the £500 million in Vehicle Excise Duty that is paid by Londoners but spent on roads elsewhere in the country.”