A mural to help promote confidence in getting vaccinated against Covid-19 has been unveiled at a health centre in Lewisham.  

The Waldron Health Centre in New Cross is home to the colourful mural, which was created in collaboration with Lewisham artists Damian Simon and VaneMG and the council.  

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The artwork features writing and images by Mr Simon, with quotes about the vaccine experience from Lewisham residents in English and Spanish by VaneMG, a multidisciplinary artist and designer from Colombia who is now a Lewisham resident.  

The mural aims to celebrate the vaccine roll out and to encourage people to come forward with confidence.  

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Dr Sebastian Kalwij, a GP at Waldron Health Centre, said: “It has been great to get local artists involved in raising vaccine awareness amongst our patients.   

“Nothing gets people talking more than a colourful mural, and the opportunity for a selfie after the vaccination is a great way for patients to share their positive experience of having been given their vaccine.” 

As it stands one in five people in UK have had both vaccine doses, while about 33 million have had their first dose.