Controversial London mayoral hopeful Laurence Fox visited Bromley town centre today as part of his campaign for the Reclaim Party.

The out-of-work actor, 42, parked his battle bus near Bromley High Street, where he chatted to a black cab representative and other members of the public.

His party Reclaim’s policies include abolishing lockdown from the date of the election, removing mask mandates, scrapping low-traffic neighbourhoods and removing “unnecessary” cycle lanes.

Mr Fox has also vowed to defund any schools or institutions “that seek to undermine our shared culture through critical social justice or critical race theory”.

Following his visit, Fox tweeted: “Lovely day in Bromley talking with Grant Davis and the London Cab Drivers Club about how Sadiq Khan has thrown black cab drivers under the bus in spite of all their efforts to support a greener and safer London.

“Black cabs are a leading character in London’s story. Romford tomorrow.”

Mr Fox has become an outspoken critic against both Covid-19 lockdowns and so-called “wokeism” following an appearance on Question Time early last year.

The former television and film actor faced a backlash online in November for a tweet in which he claimed to have had people over for dinner and appeared to criticise the NHS.

He is also currently being sued by Stonewall trustee Simon Blake, Coronation Street actress Nicola Thorp and drag artist Crystal over an online spat in October last year in which he called them paedophiles.