A 39-year-old man and keen iron man competitor from Greenwich has died suddenly, with his family still in the dark as to what killed him.

Father of two Duncan Mathieson was rushed to hospital early on February 13 after his heart stopped and he stopped breathing, suffering from a major seizure before being put into a medically induced coma

Duncan, described as "kind, outgoing and loved by everyone who knew him," sadly passed away on February 24, four days after his 39th birthday.

His death has shook his young family to the core, and medical experts say they still don't know the reason for his passing.

Duncan was a keen marathon runner and had competed in iron man competitions, so his death came as a massive shock.

Doctors have carried out a number of tests, medical investigations and a post-mortem examination, but say they're still in the dark as to what caused his death.

Unfortunately, the family were in the process of moving from their flat in Greenwich to a newly refurbished home in Surrey when they received the bad news.

Due to the unknown reason for Duncan's passing, the family have only been given a interim death certificate, meaning any financial pay out has been drastically delayed.

The plan was for Duncan to carry out a number of DIY 'bits and bobs' at the new house to help make it ready for his family, but the tragic news means the family are now stuck between two homes with no source of income.

Whilst the family say they can no longer complete the family move they first dreamt of, support and some financial help would help support them at a very difficult time until other support becomes available.

So friends of the family have set up a fundraiser to help support wife Anneen, daughter Annabelle (23 months) and Callum (7 months).

The fundraiser has been met with a massive community response, so far raising over £25,000 from 223 donors.