The number of patients in hospital in England with Covid-19 has dropped to its lowest level for six months, figures show.

A total of 2,588 patients were in hospital at 8am on April 6, according to figures from NHS England.

This is the lowest since 2,435 on October 4, and is down 92% from a record 34,336 on January 18.

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During the first wave of the virus, patient numbers peaked at 18,974 on April 12.

The South East and South West are reporting numbers down 96% on their second-wave peak, while eastern England has seen its number drop by 95%.

Patient numbers in London and the Midlands have fallen 92% since the second-wave peak, the North West is down 89%, and the combined region of the North East and Yorkshire has decreased 88%.

Hospital admissions in England of patients with Covid-19 are at their lowest level for nearly seven months.

A total of 156 admissions were reported for April 4, NHS England said.

This is lowest since 153 on September 13, and is down 96% from the peak on January 12.

The fall in patients and admissions reflects the combined impact of the lockdown and vaccines in helping reduce the number of infections that need hospital treatment.

One dose of the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine is estimated to reduce hospital admissions among people aged 80 and over by around 80%, according to research quoted by Professor Chris Whitty, chief medical officer for England, during the Downing Street press conference on Monday.