Forecasters at the Met Office have warned of a sharp drop in temperatures in London from Easter Sunday, with a small chance of wintry showers and snow on Monday.

Weather forecasters are predicting a 'Spring Swing' in temperatures, with thermometers set to plummet from a maximum 11C on Saturday down to as low as freezing on Monday.

Met Office spokeswoman Nicola Maxey said: "It's not unusual to see these big swings in spring - it's a transition period between winter and summer.

"There are some blustery winds around, particularly along the east coast, as we go through the weekend."

"It's a marked change from what we saw on Wednesday."

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The Met Office's weather forecast describes Friday as a dry and bright day with sunny spells, with cloud increasing throughout the day, especially towards London and Kent.

Saturday will be a colder than average day, mainly dry with variable cloud amounts and some bright spells.

But it describes the outlook for Sunday as "notably milder" with sunny spells and a freshening wind.

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It warns of overnight rain and showers with heavy winds leading into Easter Monday.

The forecast adds: "Monday and Tuesday much colder with wintry showers and coastal gales. Snow possible in places."

Despite the frosty forecast, it acknowledges that snow is most likely to fall further north, but with possibility to fall further south as well.

This week saw temperatures soar to record levels in London, with the UK's highest March temperature in 53 recorded at Kew Gardens on Tuesday afternoon, where it reached 24.5C (76.1F), according to the Met Office.