Royal Parks expressed their frustration Wednesday (March 31) after revealing the numerous piles of litter that were left behind by visitors on the day outdoor Covid restrictions were eased (Tuesday, March 30).

In a short statement posted to Twitter, Royal Parks lamented the amount of litter left behind on Tuesday and published photographs illustrating the issue.

They showed large piles of litter strewn across London's green spaces on the day Covid restrictions on meeting people from outside one's home were lifted so that groups of up to six people can meet outdoors.

A spokesperson for Royal Parks said:

"We know people want to meet friends & enjoy the good weather but we urge visitors to be considerate and clear up after themselves.

"Put your litter in the bins and if the bins are full, please take it away with you, don't leave it where it can blow away or harm wildlife."

Twitter users meanwhile expressed their anger and "heart break" with comments on the Royal Parks post.

As the Richmond Twickenham Times reported previously, visitors leaving copious amounts of litter in the Royal Parks, especially during the warmer months, is a persistent issue.

Last year, Royal Parks said that litter increased32 per cent during 2020 compared to 2019, with an astonishing 258.4 tonnes of rubbish collected from London’s eight Royal Parks in June alone - the equivalent in weight of 20 new London buses.