A modal filter supposed to prevent cars going through it is being repeatedly vandalised in Lewisham.  

The road closure in Glenbow Road should be enforced by a bollard, though it is frequently being pushed down. 

Matthew Sparkes, a trustee of the London Cycling Campaign, has reported it to the council numerous times. 

He recently published a video that showed someone driving through the modal filter.  

The driver said she thought she was able to come through when the bollard is down.  

News Shopper:

Mr Sparkes said: “This road closure went in months ago and it’s constantly vandalised. I’ve reported it a dozen times and nothing changes. We need a camera or a robust barrier.” 

A council spokesperson told the local democracy service that the bollard was “reinstated” on Tuesday, March 23, and was still up at 7am the next day, though it appears it was pushed down again after the visit.  

The council said as of 1.14pm on March 25 the bollard was erected again and locked.  

Mr Sparkes suggested putting a large planter box in instead of the bollard.  

The council said it could make changes to the filter after a review.  

The spokesperson said: “The council is currently reviewing the types of traffic filters which are currently in place and assessing whether changes need to be made to help prevent vandalism.”