Over 33,000 people and counting have so far showed their support for a South Londoner's call to reduce the cost of the Covid-19 tests needed to travel to and from the UK at present.

Sunita Jogani, who lives in Kington, South London, started the petition earlier this month and said she was "overwhelmed" with the number of people who had so far signed their names to her Change.org petition.

Addressed to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock specifically, the petition demands the UK government "reduce the charges immediately" on Covid tests needed by those who must travel to and from the UK for essential reasons.

Sunita started the petition after the sad passing of her father-in-law, which meant she and other family members had to journey out of the UK and back again to be their for his last rites and perform the rituals for the deceased.

In the preamble of the petition, the Londoner described the "multiple Covid tests when going and on return... The cost is prohibitive and extortionate," she wrote.

"The pandemic has hit our income hard and such expenses that have to be made push us into even more debt. Airline tickets are already very expensive.

"Testing is of course extremely important and required to keep our country safe. But all we ask is that the cost is made reasonable," she added.

In Sunita's case, she had to pay £150 for tests to travel out of the UK and and additional £210 on return.

The South London resident pointed out that the government have outsourced testing for many travellers coming to and from the UK to private company Corporate Travel Management (CTM).

"One travels only for essential purposes which in most cases in itself is stressful e.g. for family illness or bereavement. Other countries charge a lot less.

"The UK government is requested to reduce the charges immediately," Sunita's petition read.

Since it was launched, some 33,120 people have already shown their support and signed via the Change.org website, meaning that the government are obliged to respond in some form.

If the petition reaches 100,000, it must be debated in parliament under UK law.

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