A school in Greenwich has managed to become a "vital" hub in supporting the local community after partnering with their local Asda.

Gallions Mount Primary School, located on the border between Greenwich and Bexley, has been busy serving families in both boroughs during the pandemic, as well as receiving help from the community themselves.

Thanks to the hard work of the school's Family Support Worker, Annmarie Tampling, they managed to strike up a working in partnership with their local Asda store in Belvedere.

They described Asda staff as being "incredibly generous" over the past year, supporting the school to apply for various grants over the past year and supplying food donations which they are then able to send out as food parcels to school families that may need some extra help.

Annmarie said: “We feel very strongly, now more than ever, that we play a vital role in supporting our community who may be experiencing financial hardship.”

And just last week, the area's 'Community Champion' and some of her colleagues visited the school to donate 10 laptops, equipped with headphones, dongles and carrying bags.

The donations, all funded through the Asda Foundation, will allow children who would otherwise be restricted working remotely to learn online.

Gallions Mount Primary School's headteacher Sue Slack explained: “This means that we will be able to build on the positives from lockdown and online learning, and loan devices to children that may not otherwise have access, in order to complete their home learning online."

“With or without COVID 19, the hardship is real for many of our families. For a family, whether working or not, to be put under pressure to buy or source a laptop to support their child’s learning is challenging.

"Asda has made it possible for more children without access to a device, to now have one at home and we couldn’t be more grateful”.