People across the country have paid tribute to Sarah Everard over the weekend, and many beautiful tributes were marked in south London.

Ms Everard was abducted while on her way home in Clapham on Wednesday, March 3. Police officer Wayne Couzens was charged with her murder after a week-long search.

Sarah's murder caused heartbreak across the UK and sparked conversation far and wide about women's safety concerns following her death.

From floral tributes, to one-minute silences and doorstep vigils, we have highlighted some of the ways people marked her memory over the weekend.

Crystal Palace Park

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A socially distanced tribute took place at Crystal Palace Park on Saturday (March 13), which saw women leave messages, candles and flowers by the steps.

Speaking about why she planned the tribute, organiser Marni Appleton said: "I felt that the women of this area needed an opportunity to grieve collectively and be together in some way, and feel a sense of solidarity.

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"I wanted to honour the life of Sarah Everard, as well as Bibaa Henry, Nicole Smallman, Kelly Stewart, Dawn Bennett, Therasia Gordon and the many other women whose lives have been taken from them by men on London streets.

"It was a very peaceful event - an opportunity to heal and be together, to reflect and to mourn, whilst also reclaiming a public space to show that we will not be controlled by fear."

Clapham Common

An evergrowing memorial can be found at Clapham Common bandstand, close to where Sarah Everard went missing.

Dozens of floral tributes have been placed along with the bandstand over the weekend to pay their respects to Ms Everard and her family in the wake of the marketing executive's murder.

The Duchess of Cambridge also made a visit on Saturday afternoon to pay tribute to the 33-year-old whose body was formally identified on Friday, March 12.

As well as flowers, the memorial also features signs, with the duchess seen near a sign reading “I am Sarah”.

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Later on Saturday evening, hundreds of people were pictured at the park despite an official vigil being called off earlier in the day due to police warnings over coronavirus restrictions.

Before scuffles broke out, people could be seen holding up torches in memory of Sarah Everard.

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Colliers Wood Recreation Ground in Merton

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Following the cancellation of a silent vigil planned in Colliers Wood, residents were asked to lay flowers instead to form a memorial garden. 

In a statement by the organiser, Jessica Kingsley said: "Over the weekend it would be lovely if we could fill the memorial garden with flowers, precious stones, poems or letters of respect. In remembrance of Sarah Everard and all those women who never made it home.

Doorstep vigils 

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After the cancellation of the official south London vigil, organisers of Reclaim the Streets urged members of the public to pay tribute on their doorsteps.

At 9.30pm on Saturday, March 13, candlelit vigils were held across the UK, including at 10 Downing Street.

Caroline Ball, of Carshalton in south London, paid tribute with a lovely sign and candle to mark Sarah's passing.

She said: "It is important to make tribute because poor Sarah was a normal lady just walking home, had her whole life in front of her and I feel for her and her family.

"Life is so short as it is so I had to light a light to shine high so Sarah could follow the light to become a beautiful angel."

Virtual events 

In south London and other parts of the UK, a virtual event took place to mark Sarah's memory and to raise awareness of women's safety concerns.

A fundraiser set up by Reclaim These Streets for women’s charitable causes passed its target of £320,000 on Saturday evening. You can find out more about the fundraiser here