Police are hunting the killer of a man who was beaten to death just yards from his home in a homophobic attack in Norwood.

At 1.52am on June 26, the body of Geoffrey Houghton Windsor, 57, was found lying in a pool of blood in Beaulieu Heights park on South Norwood Hill, a notorious gathering place for homosexuals.

Mr Houghton Windsor suffered severe head injuries after being beaten about the head and was pronounced dead at Mayday University hospital at 2.35am.

Police believe the South Norwood Hill resident, a messenger in the city, was targeted as a gay man and are treating his murder as a homophobic attack.

Investigating officer DCI Brian Haines, said: "We know this area is frequented by members of the gay community and we believe there were 10-15 people in this area of the park that night who we want to talk to.

"Those people in the park could hold the key for us, and we want to let them know we are interested in talking to them about this incident only and have no wish to pursue any other matters."

Police, called to the park last Wednesday, found Mr Houghton Windsor lying beneath a tree, a few hundred yards away from his flat in Brae Court.

Witnesses reported hearing running footsteps inside the park shortly before the assault and a gold ring was discovered near Mr Houghton Windsor's body.

It is not known whether the ring belonged to the victim

or his attacker.

Last summer, homosexuals were frequently targeted during a spate of robberies at Beaulieu Heights, and now police want to hear from any of these victims who may not have reported their attacks.

Anyone with information call police on 0208 247 8261 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.