Plans to transform Bromley High Street could see a large sculpture named the ‘Time Machine’, a water fountain and canopy built.

The council funded project, designed by Turner Works, aims to enhance the “experiential offer of the High Street” increase footfall and “strengthen and diversify the daytime and night-time economy”.

All the sites chosen are located within the Bromley Town Centre conservation area and on the pedestrianised part of Bromley High Street.

News Shopper: An artist's impression of the proposed canopy (Turner Works)

The Time Machine sculpture, a hollow tube-like shape, is proposed for the southern end of the High Street, at the junction of Elmfield and Ethelbert Road.

Partly raised, the artwork would allow for views through at ground level, whilst also providing a tall landmark visible from the Bromley South Train Station approach.

A canopy, performance area and seating installations are proposed south of Churchill Square and opposite Library Gardens, near the theatre, library entrances and Church House Garden.

As an open canopy with a glazed roof, the structure will allow for views through to the shop fronts on either side.

The “Water Fountain’ sculpture is proposed at the northern end of the High Street on Market Square.

News Shopper: An artist's impression of the fountain (Turner Works)

The proposals are designed to have a lifespan of about 15 years, playing a significant role in the area for a considerable period.

Initial responses to the planning application have been mixed.

Mr Dan White, of Gundulph Road, said: “I absolutely support this.

“Simple fun ideas to get people back to the high street.

“It's all about fun and we desperately need that. Bromley will be the town that has a time machine - so cool. I hope it works as I have plenty of ideas.

“Ignore all the boring 'oh it's a waste of money' lot.

“Do it and don't look back.”

Others expressed doubt over whether the project would best use council funds in the current climate.

Mrs L Farrington, of Melvin Road, said: “This is totally inappropriate at a time when businesses need support to reopen and trade and for a while yet we should not be promoting areas to gather.

“When Council Tax and utilities are rising this is not what Bromley needs.”