Living in the 'Big Smoke', Londoners have all probably wondered how healthy or unhealth the area they live in truly is.

Thanks to an interactive map, put together by experts at the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC), we can now compare areas across south east London on a number of factors.

Data on pollution levels, health services, and the number of green spaces, pubs and gambling shops were all compilied to create the findings.

The end result is an interactive map, exposing the unhealthiest places in the region (all ranked below).

How does the map work?

The map tracks a CDRC's health index - also known as Access to Healthy Assets and Hazards (AHAH).

It takes into consideration:

  • Retail environment (access to fast food outlets, pubs, off-licences, tobacconists, gambling outlets)
  • Health services (access to GPs, hospitals, pharmacies, dentists, leisure services)
  • Physical environment (Blue Space, Green Space - Active, Green Space - Passive)
  • Air quality (Nitrogen Dioxide, Particulate Matter 10, Sulphur Dioxide).

Each of these factors is tracked and provides an overall AHAH score for that area.

The lower the school the healthier the area is, it appears blue on the map.

The higher scores are represented with red and indicates the town is less healthy than its blue counterparts.

Areas are also ranked one to 10 - healthiest areas are given a rank of one while the unhealthiest regions are classed as a 10.

If you want to check out your area in more detail you can view the whole map by clicking here.

Below is the ranking of the five unhealthiest areas in south east London, followed by the scores of the other major areas, including the healthiest:

Brockley - 37.2

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New Cross 'achieves' the highest score in south east London, coming in with a majority high score of 10 out of 10, the highest and worst rating possible.

A large section of Brockley, heading south towards Forest Hill, ranks extremely highly in pollution and other factors, and is painted red on the map.

Brockley has an overall AHAH score of 37.2, the highest on this list.

New Cross - 36.2

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New Cross also ranks extremely highly in pollution and other factors, giving it all a score of 10 out of 10 by the CDRC.

Nearly all areas within New Cross are rank 9 or 10 on the healthiness index. In fact, the majority of Lewisham trending towards Peckham rank at either 9 or 10, some of the capital's worst scores.

New Cross has an overall AHAH score of 36.2.

Catford - 34.5

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Catford has a high concentration of red indicators (the worst performing decile) and other slightly healthier areas coming in at around 8/9 out of 10. 

This means the area is extremely unhealthy, with a majority high score of 10 out of 10, and is one of the worst areas in south east London. 

Catford records an overall AHAH score of 34.5.

Bexleyheath - 34.4

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Bexleyheath also makes the top five on the list, with hotspots such as the Boradway putting its AHAH score up to 34.4.

The area is a solid 10 on the index.

Greenwich (centre) - 33.9

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The areas surrounding Greenwich aren't particularly high, but the centre, a popular tourist destination housing the Cutty Sark, Royal Greenwich Musuems and Greenwich Market, ranks extremely highly on the unhealthy scale.

The centre is so high it scores the area a majority rating of 10 out of 10.

The area has an overall AHAH score of 33.9.

6. Woolwich, 33.5 - 10

7. Chilsehurst West, 33.1 - 10

9. Crayford, 33.0 - 10

9. Penge, 32.6 - 9

10. Bexley, 32.5 - 9


Welling, 32.3 - 9

Eltham, 31.2 - 9

Lee, 31.2 - 9

Beckenham, 30.2 - 9

Erith, 28.8 - 9

Thamesmead, 26.4 - 8 

Mottingham, 25.0 - 8 

Downham 24.8 - 8

Sidcup, 24.5 - 7

Bromley, 24.4 - 7

Charlton, 23.3 - 7

New Eltham, 20.8 - 6

Foots Cray, 20.4 - 5

Bromley Common, 15.5