A much-loved moggy who made Penge East station her second home may be commemorated with a bronze statue.

Fans of Lily the cat, who passed away in December aged 12, have launched a campaign, hoping to raise enough to commission an artist to make a sculpture in her memory.

Lily ambled to Penge East station daily, enjoying the care and affection of station staff, often sitting in the ticket booth or on the Oyster card reader.

She was well-known to thousands of commuters who passed through the station, and even had her own Facebook group.

The fundraiser has nearly reached £2,000 – just £500 off its total.

Helen Hughes, who lived with Lily nearby, said: “Lily was a quirky, independent feline who touched the hearts of many.

“Without sounding too ridiculous, we think she symbolised our sense of fun, community and provided a bit of familiar comfort and affection before and after our travels.

“In discussion with many, we think it would be lovely to remember Lily with a little bronze statue at the station, something that would bring us a smile and kids could pat and say hello to.

“We are organising a commission with a young artist who makes bronze sculptures, she used to live with us and knew Lily well.”

The campaign is selling Lily-themed 2021 calendars for £10, which can be bought in cash from Blue Bell café on Maple Road when it is open.

To view the fundraiser visit: https://uk.gofundme.com/f/penge-east-station-cat-immortalised-in-bronze