A firefighter from Sidcup has smashed a ridiculous 400 mile running target for Febraury, all to raise over £30,000 for a newborn baby hospital ward.

Marc Petters, from the Sidcup Green Watch at the London Fire Brigade, ran one mile on February 1, two miles on February 2, increasingly all the way until his final 28 mile run on the last day of the month.

Marc ended up running around 15.5 marathons in February, motivated by raising funds for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, Essex, plus the YoungMinds charity.

He was greeted by supporters on the street as he ran, as well as local fire engines driving alongside and blaring out support.



At an 'emotional' finishing line, 406 miles completed, he said the support he had received "goes to show that despite all the negativity at the moment, when people come together we can achieve unbelievable things."

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Marc's inspiration came from long-term family friends, Neil and Laura Rowe, who gave birth to a little baby Ralph 10.5 weeks early.

For eight weeks, the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at the Princess Alexandra looked after Ralph, providing 'brilliant' treatment, care and after care until he was ready to leave.

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Then on January 24, Neil and Laura gave birth to another beautiful boy, Sam, 6.5 weeks early.

Sam is currently in the neonatal unit, but also receiving great care and "doing really well."

Last year Marc decided to run the Virtual London Marathon for the hospital unit, raising £6,000 which was used to buy a phototherapy machine.



"But I am asking for your generosity again," said Marc as he announced his plans to trump himself massively with a 'Extra mile a day' challenge.

So for every day of February, the south east London firefighter ran a mile further than the day before, starting at one mile and ending with 28 miles.

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News Shopper:

As well as raising money for the NICU, Marc is also fundraising for YoungMinds, which is a children and young peoples mental health charity.

So far, Marc has raised over £34,000 for the two charities. You can read more or donate here.

In total, he ran 406 miles, just over 15.5 marathons, in what he described as "definitely the hardest thing I have ever set myself to do."

Marc has seen widespread support for his efforts, and donations have been pouring in. So far Marc has raised over £34,000 for the two charities.

London Fire Brigade Bexley also tweeted out their support, calling the 'increased running' challenge an "incredible achievement."

 You can read more or donate here.