A mosque in Bromley is one of the first in the country to offer its facilities to the NHS vaccination programme.

Al-Emaan Mosque in Keston has already hosted two clinics, on February 6 and 27, helping the NHS reach the local community.

Dr Omar Taha, Bromley GP and Trustee of Al-Emaan Mosque has been the driving force behind the clinic.

Dr Taha said, “Integral to the Mosque ethos is community support, so when the opportunity arose to assist the Covid-19 vaccination drive, we were keen to do what we could to help.

“As Muslims, a core principle of the faith is to care for and support our community and people of all faiths and backgrounds.

“This was wonderfully illustrated by the overwhelming number of Mosque volunteers who offered to help when the call went out.

“It has been great to work with NHS South East London Clinical Commissioning Group, the Bromley GP Alliance and other health and care partners to push and support the vaccine drive.

“We believe in this vaccine, and we believe in its safety and efficacy”.

Iman Hasan, from Al-Emaan Mosque, said: "I fully encourage individuals to be vaccinated - protecting yourself and others is an invaluable teaching in Islam.

"The Mosque has consistently sought to serve and engage with the local community in various ways, through co-founding the Bromley 3 Faiths group, opening its doors to individuals of all backgrounds for welcome events, and working with local schools to assist national curriculum targets.

"We hope that running this vaccine clinic will be a further step in the Mosque being a local hub in the community and in doing our small bit to protect lives."