Police in Eltham are warning residents of a special device being attached to ATMs in the area attempting to steal their cash.

A 'Lebanese Loop device' was found fitted to the Court Yard Post Office cash point just before the weekend.

Eltham South Police were made aware of the device and it has since been removed.

But the Met Police are warning residents to be on the lookout for anything suspicious, and to check for devices on the machine using this handy before and after.



Back in November, police in Eltham had to remove the devices from multiple ATMs, with the Post Office being a repeated target, whilst Lebanese Loop devices have been used by thieves in south east London and north Kent for years.

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In February last year, four men were charged over the theft of around £12,000 from cash machines in Greenwich, Bromley, Gravesend, Dartford, Barking and Colchester.

One victim using the cash machine outside the Eltham High Street Post Office said they had withdrawn £100 but nothing came out of the machine.

They complained to a worker inside the Post Office, who said that this had been happeneing a lot recently, and pulled a device off of the cash machine which had used a mouse trap with sticky glue pads to trap the money.