A woman who held a "rowdy" 40 person party at her Bromley home during lockdown has been slapped with a £13,275 fine.

Shanika Stephenson-Gordon, 43, was one of 62 people accused of breaking Covid restrictions at a special "Corona Court" sitting at City of London Magistrates' Court.

When spoken to officers on November 5, she said she had only invited six people and all the others just showed up, the court heard.

She also admitted to having a spliff of cannabis in her bra and was further charged for possession.

Magistrate Andrew Hammond noted Stephenson-Gordon’s party had been “rowdy” and required two van loads of police to clear the guests.

He said: "It seems there were 40 people in this property in the middle of the night that there is some evidence of rowdiness associated with it and drugs were present.

"Significant police resources were required to deal with this incident which presents a risk to those officers in this pandemic.

"The defendant has a previous conviction for drug possession."

Elsewhere, Mohammed Haidaire, 25, was ordered to pay £388 in fines and costs after being caught with three other males in a car in Gants Hill, Ilford, on November 10, several miles from his address in Bellingham without a reasonable excuse.