Lewisham Council has identified a series of sites across north Lewisham where more than 12,000 homes are set to be or could be built. 

The council is consulting on its draft local plan, which sets out its long-term development strategy until 2040.   

It is hoping that 27,267 new homes will be built across the borough by 2040. 

The final version is expected to be adopted by the council between summer and autumn of 2022. 

The plan, which will feed into planning decisions, is divided into central, north, east, south, and west. 

The north includes North Deptford, Deptford and New Cross – the council’s housing target for the area is 12,497. 

According to the council’s vision for the area: “By 2040 the maritime and industrial heritage of the north area, linked to its unique position along the River Thames, will be celebrated as a vital focus for cultural activity and regeneration.  

“The character and role of vacant and underused industrial sites around the Thames and Deptford Creek will be re-imagined to provide well integrated employment areas and mixed-use neighbourhoods.  

“A new Creative Enterprise Zone will cement Lewisham’s position as a leader in the creative and cultural industries and support an inclusive local economy.  

“The arrival of the Bakerloo line, with a new station at New Cross, will also open opportunities for everyone to benefit from. 

“The regeneration of larger brownfield sites will deliver a significant amount of new housing, including a high proportion of genuinely affordable housing, workspace and jobs, community facilities and open space.”  

The council aims to keep New Cross and Deptford high streets “the heart of community activity”.  

The council aims to transform New Cross Road into a ‘healthy street’, with the hope of making cycling, walking, and using public transport safer and easier.  

Key objectives include securing the Bakerloo line extension, with a new station at New Cross, ensuring the future of Millwall Football Club when development around it goes ahead, and redeveloping brownfield sites. 

Developments should “preserve and enhance Lewisham’s industrial and maritime heritage”, according to the plan, while Deptford Market should remain a “vibrant hub” for the communtiy.  

The plan states green spaces should be protected and development proposals should focus on providing high quality walking and cycle routes that help link those spaces.  

Sites for redevelopment

Convoys Wharf 

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Planned homes: 3,514 

Plans for the £1 billion development by the riverside in Deptford have already been approved. 

Proposals include office space, a working wharf with vessel moorings, a hotel, shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, and parking.   

A new primary school, healthcare centre, and bus route are also planned.   

Timber Yard, Deptford  

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Planned homes: 1,600 

Plans for the mixed-use development have been approved, with construction started but recently stalled.  

Shops, restaurants, office space, and bars are also planned.  

Riverside Youth Club and 2000 Community Centre 

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Potential new homes: 72 

The site is currently made up of a community centre, shops, and a pharmacy.  

The council’s view: “Redevelopment and site intensification, along with the introduction of housing, will provide a more optimal use of land and enable enhancements to community facilities.  

“Development will also enable public realm enhancements, including improved access to the Surrey Canal Linear Park from Grove Street.” 

The existing community facilities must be re-provided if taken away.

Evelyn Court at Surrey Canal Road 

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Potential new homes: 38 

The council thinks the site should be redeveloped with a focus on office space. It’s likely the current office block would be demolished.  

Neptune Wharf, Grinstead Road 

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Planned homes: 199 

Planning permission has been granted for this development in Deptford, which includes office space, a café and bike repair shop, and 276 cycle spaces.  

Land by Surrey Canal Road and Trundleys Road 

Potential new homes: 189 

The council believes the site, home to industrial units, a scrap yard, shops and homes, would be a good spot for redevelopment, with a focus on work space.  

Apollo Business Centre, Surrey Canal Road 

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Potential new homes: 59 

Home to a business centre, the council has earmarked this site as having potential for redevelopment with a focus on workspace.  

Surrey Canal Triangle  

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Planned homes: 3,600 

The redevelopment of the 10-hectare site, yet to finalised and approved, includes extending Millwall FC’s stadium, business space, homes, and potentially a new train station. 

Sainsbury’s New Cross Road  

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Potential new homes: 912 

The site, home to Sainsbury’s, is earmarked as a potential site for the planned Bakerloo line extension station.  

Plans from Sainsbury’s to build 1,000 flats on the site, which could have got in the way of the station plans, were withdrawn in February 2020.  

Goodwood Road and New Cross Road 

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Planned new homes: 121 

Plans for new homes on the site were approved in 2012, but have yet to emerge.  

The council says: “Redevelopment can optimise the use of land by bringing the largely vacant site back into active use, and helping to support the vitality and viability of the District Centre.” 

Former Deptford Green School 

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Planned new homes: 120 

Planning permission has been granted for blocks of flats of up to five storeys on this land in Amersham Vale. 

Albany Theatre 

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Potential new homes: 102 

The council believes this site would be ideal for a mixed-use development, but the theatre must be retained and improved.  

According to the plan: “[The theatre] is of local historical, social and cultural significance, and a key feature of the Deptford Creekside Cultural Quarter. 

“Development will also enable enhancements to the theatre that will help to secure its long-term future at this prominent location.” 

Former Tidemill School in Reginald Road 

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Planned new homes: 209 

Save Tidemill Save Reginald group campaigners have tried to block the redevelopment of this controversial site in a bid to save community green space, but were evicted by Lewisham Council.  

The council is planning to build 209 homes, 117 at London affordable rent.  

Sun Wharf, Deptford 

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Potential new homes: 235 

Bellway and Peabody are planning a mixed-use redevelopment of the site, with new homes and commercial space.  

Creekside Village East 

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Planned new homes: 393 

Kitewood and Galliard Homes’ plans include 393 flats in two tower blocks, 26 and 30 storeys, and an extension to the Trinity Laban music and dance conservatoire campus at Creekside Village East.    

Kitewood owns nearly half of the mostly derelict site, Lewisham Council owns a third, and Trinity Laban owns the carpark next to its building.    

Just 15 per cent of the homes on offer – 59 shared ownership units – will be ‘affordable’. 

Lower Creekside  

Potential new homes: 160 

Employment-led development likely at this site. 

Besson Street (Kender Triangle) 

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Planned new homes: 324 

Plans for this development in New Cross, a joint venture between Lewisham Council and private landlord Grainger plc, were approved last summer.  

They include 324 homes between three and 12 storeys, a new GP, gym, shared working-from-home space, and community facilities for the New Cross Gate Trust on the site at the corner of Briant and Besson Street.   

Achilles Street estate redevelopment  

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Planned new homes: 651 

Lewisham Council is planning to demolish and rebuild this estate in New Cross after a residents’ ballot was backed by 73 per cent of eligible residents, 92 per cent of whom voted.    

But the redevelopment is controversial and campaigners say many people, including current businesses, were excluded from the vote.