Two musical best pals wrote a hilarious song - which perfectly summarises the PM’s lockdown ‘roadmap’ in just 60 seconds.

Lauren Hendricks and Ryan Carey-Hills, both 32, have seen TikTok fame after posting the song.

The satirical song features lyrics such as labelling the roadmap dates as being "as shaky as sex in a car".

And when referring to salons opening, it asks the PM, "if you're looking feral, book in for a trim - Boris are you sorted for yours?"

They conclude with a comment on the growing national hatred of online meetings and lessons, saying: "No more f***ing Zoom at last!"

The two theatre-makers were inspired to write a 'ditty' following Boris Johnson's announcement on February 22.

The video shows them performing their hilarious song, featuring Ryan on the keyboard.

Best friends Lauren and Ryan, who share a flat in south London, said the catchy song took just 20 minutes to write.

They now plan to continue writing musical news round-ups for their growing TikTok fanbase.


Ryan said: "We wanted to do something which would lift people's spirits and bring people a bit of laughter.

"We're both trained in musical theatre, so musical comedy is the only way we knew to do that."

Lauren said: "I think people have been finding the news difficult to stomach because it can be so miserable or make them anxious.

"We just wanted to give people the news in bite-sized manageable mouthfuls that they can relate to and find funny.

"This video, plus our other weekly round-up videos have gone down really well - people have even been saying we should deliver the news!"

The pair, who have been running remote workshops for performing arts students over lockdown, said before they joined TikTok, any songs they wrote together would only be seen by a handful of friends and family.


Ryan admitted he had no idea what TikTok even was when first Lauren suggested they join the platform - but he quickly got on board.

Ryan said they find the writing process 'easy' and the comedy songs take just 20 minutes to complete - because the pair are "used to writing two-hour musicals".

Lauren explained: "We just started taking notes during the parliament briefing - and the song pretty much wrote itself."

The pair - who were inspired by the likes of Victoria Wood and Bill Bailey - plan to continue writing after the success of their most recent videos.

Ryan said: "We're storytellers, and our videos focus on keeping people engaged and informing them of what's going on.

"I think, regardless of your type of comedy, if you dress the facts up and hold a mirror to what's happening in the world, people do allow themselves to find it funny.

"If we can put a smile on somebody's face with our videos, then we're doing it right.


"It's been good for us to keep writing too - after the lockdown massively changed what we've been doing with our time."

Lauren added: "We'll definitely keep the videos up because we love to do it.

"We just sit down with a gin and tonic and a notebook and the songs come to us!

"Even after the pandemic, there will always be news and always something that deserves to be written about.

"Who knows what will come next - people on TikTok have been telling us we should be delivering the national news!"