Bromley's mayor has paid tribute to the volunteers and staff who are working round-the-clock to vaccinate residents and protect us all from Covid-19.

Certificates of thanks are being presented to staff representatives at each vaccination centre, with mayoral visits scheduled to avoid stopping the vital work being carried out.

Also included in the mayor's tour of thanks is the council’s testing centres at the Civic Centre and the Kentwood Centre, where staff are testing asymptomatic frontline workers.

Mayor Hannah Gray said: “On behalf of us all, I simply want to share our heartfelt thanks to all the staff and volunteers who are doing so much to make sure that as many people as possible receive their vaccination in the best way.

Bromleys testing facilities at the Civic Centre

Bromley's testing facilities at the Civic Centre

"This has been and remains a major logistical exercise which is constant and the professionalism and care shown is something we are all grateful for.

"I am pleased that good progress is being made locally but more than anything I wanted to reach out to teams and individuals doing extraordinary things for us.”

The mayor has waited for the outcome of her own coronavirus test before visiting centres.


She first thanked staff at the vaccination centre at West Wickham and Shirley Baptist Church last week, but vaccination centres in Penge, Beckenham, Bromley and Orpington are also set to receive visits.

The mayor continued:“I also need to thank staff who are operating the council’s two testing centres for those of us who don’t have symptoms but need regular testing, most probably because our work typically brings us into contact with people from outside our household.


"Lots of people fall into this category, from tradespeople to social workers etc and today I also want like to thank the staff that do so much to make this testing process as seamless as it is, helping to protect us all.”

For information on the vaccination programme in Bromley and the rest of south east London please visit