Seven drivers have been caught and prosecuted for taking advantage of Blue Badges they were not entitled too in Bexley.

Described by Bexley Council as 'unacceptable abuse' of the Blue Badge scheme, a total of £3,160 in fines have been ordered.

The range of offences included displaying stolen badges, one case of the badge holding being dead, and of course using the badge when the holder was not present.

While the offences all took place in the London Borough of Bexley, four of the badges associated with the offences were issued by the Council, while the rest were issued by other local authorities. Five of the cases involved Bexley residents.

The names and offences are as follows:

  • Ms June Daly of Steynton Avenue in Bexley, Ms Simone Forbes of Riley Road in Bermondsey, Ms Meral Celik of Gipsy Road in Welling and Ms Ann Beaney of Larkswood Close in Slade Green had displayed a Blue Badge when the holder was not present.
  • Mr Fabian Aikens of Tellson Avenue, Greenwich and Ms Sarah Killick of Raeburn Road, Sidcup, displayed Blue Badges that had been reported as stolen.
  • Mr Joe Harrison of Dorchester Avenue, Bexley, displayed a Blue Badge over a year after the badge holder had passed away.

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Councillor Peter Craske, Bexley's Cabinet Member for Places, said: "It’s disappointing that offences of this nature are still being committed locally.

"Blue Badge scheme abuse is unacceptable whatever the circumstances. If you’re an able-bodied driver and you’ve got into the habit of displaying a Blue Badge for your own benefit, not only are you taking up a space that could be used by a person with a genuine disability, but you are also taking a huge risk.

"As these convictions prove, offenders will be caught and prosecuted without exception. This is our way of protecting the Blue Badge scheme for genuine users.”

Blue Badge misuse is a criminal offence which can lead to a prosecution resulting in a fine of up to £1,000, a criminal record plus an order to pay towards the costs of the Council prosecution. It can also lead to confiscation of the badge.