An Eltham golf club cancelled a planned fox cull on its grounds following outcry from animal welfare campaigners.

Eltham Warren Golf Club was preparing to slaughter an unspecified number of the animals tomorrow, which are known to leave excrement and cause damage by digging.

South London Hunt Saboteurs responded with an online campaign, calling for the issue to be dealt with an a “humane” manner.

News Shopper:

A spokesperson for South London Hunt Saboteurs said: “On Wednesday evening South London Sabs were made aware of a planned fox killing for Friday February 19 at Eltham Warren Golf Club.

“We immediately sprang into action and with the help of the great British public we have brought this to the attention of hundreds of thousands of people.

“We have had a slew of messages from local residents who are once again horrified that this is happening on their doorstep.”

A few hours ago, Eltham Warren Golf Club announced the cull had been cancelled, and even committed to avoid harming any wildlife on the course in the future.

A spokesperson said: “Please be advised that the planned cull of foxes due to take place on Friday 19th February has been cancelled.

“Furthermore our Course Policy Document is being amended to ensure that no wildlife present on the course will be intentionally harmed now or in the future.”

Campaigners flooded the golf club’s inbox with messages from yesterday evening onwards, even enlisting the support of local councillor Denise Hyland.

Cllr Hyland, representing Abbey Wood Labour & Coop, said: “This was as shocking for me to learn of as it was for you.

“Spoken to the Captain today and he reassures me that no foxes have been killed or will be killed - no wildlife will be harmed by the club.”

The news was welcomed by South London Sabs, which said: "Great work everyone for pushing such a quick change around, please be sure to share and reach out to the club to welcome their new approach, truly humane and animal friendly!"

It is the second win just over a week for pro-fox activists, after a similar outcry forced Coca-Cola to cancel a cull planned at their Sidcup factory.

'Stop the Cull' was shared across social media, as the plans were slammed as "unacceptable cruelty".

Coca-Cola agreed to put the “control measures” on hold and is now reviewing other options.